Introducting Children To Performing ArtsIntroducting Children To Performing Arts

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Introducting Children To Performing Arts

My child has been a dancing diva since the day she could walk. There is certainly nothing shy about her. Because she is so self-confident and interested in showing off to anyone who will watch her, I decided that she should have some exposure to performing arts. I have created this blog because I wanted others to see her journey through the different types of arts on offer. Dance and theatre are just two subjects she has been exposed to, and my blog posts offer tips on how to encourage your own child to try the different arts available. These arts add so much culture and enjoyment to a child's life that they must be explored.



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Are You Into Sports? Here's Why You Should Book Some Dance Lessons
9 November 2018

Most people consider sports and dance as two very

Are You Into Sports? Here’s Why You Should Book Some Dance Lessons

Most people consider sports and dance as two very separate activities, but both require strenuous physical conditioning. Whether you're into football or trying to improve your basketball game, taking dance classes can seriously improve your performance and help prevent injury. It might seem like a strange idea at first, but here are just a few reasons why anyone into sports should also give dance a try. Activation of Smaller Muscles  Read More